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Harrows are designed for work in all hop growing regions with a maximum grade of 4° in the transverse of longitudinal directions.

The cultivator allows for soil aeration up to a depth of 5 - 20 cm and furrowing towards or away from hop rows. The cultivator may also be used to work in fertilizers (in combination with a liquid fertilizer applicator).

This equipment is designed to work the soil between rows in hop fields, vineyards and orchards, especially light and medium soils.

The hop fi eld plow is designed to plough hop fields with spacing of 3000 mm in all hop growing areas. The fields may be of various shape.


The hop fi eld deep tiller is designed for deep tilling between hop rows in all hop growing areas with the option of drainage using an auxiliary drainage attachment.

This universal side carrier for hop care tools is used for the spring, summer and winter care of hop plants, especially in places diffi cult to reach for normal tools (in column and anchored rows).