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Hop field harrows

Harrows are designed for work in all hop growing regions with a maximum grade of 4° in the transverse of longitudinal directions.

They are used for transverse or longitudinal harrowing, for smoothing and aerating the soil, for speeding industrial fertilizers, and for clearing the hop fields of old guide wire remnants. Harrows are comprised of a drawbar and four sets of harrows. A total of 100 tines are mounted on the harrow sets.

Technical parameters:

  • Length of machine: 1 350 mm
  • Width of machine in transport position: 2 200 mm
  • Width in working position: 4 950 mm
  • Weight of machine: 830 kg
  • Operating speed: 3 km.h-1
  • Performance W1: 0,5 ha.h-1
  • Power source: 40 - 55 kW