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Universal side carrier for hop tools

This universal side carrier for hop care tools is used for the spring, summer and winter care of hop plants, especially in places diffi cult to reach for normal tools (in column and anchored rows).

The system can be mounted on ZETOR 6211, 7211, and 7711 tractors. It is attached to the side of the tractor in the driver’s fi eld of view. It is comprised of hydraulically controlled arms with a universal mounting head to which the following tools can be attached: harrow, seed drill, disc furrow (two-disc), and dual-blade cutter.

Technical parameters:

  • Side extension: 400 mm
  • Lift range: 600 mm
  • Tool angle: 0 - 60°
  • Maximum working speed: 5 km.h-1

Hydraulic lines

  • Pressure: 16 MPa
  • Flow rate: 32 - 50 l.min-1
  • Operators: 1 (tractor driver)
  • Power requirements: 40 - 60 kW