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Heavy vacuuming bridging

Heavy vacuuming bridging is a technical solution to prevent the shutdown of the heavy vacuuming equipment which removes heavy impurities for LČCH 2, LČCH 4E and LČCH 4M picking machines.

This modernization of picking machines can be implemented by growers who grow hops on wires without hooks. It cuts grower costs for electricity, replacement and maintenance of wire ties and electromotors, saves time lost due to machinery shut downs, and reduces hop loss. The bridging consists of two contiguous rubber belt conveyors.

Technical parameters:

  • Number of bridging conveyors: 2
  • Length of a single conveyor: 2 040 mm
  • Width (without drive shaft): 1 020 mm
  • Total length: 3 800 mm
  • Weight: 90 mm