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The trailer is designed for the transport of hops vines from high trellis hop fi elds to the picking machinery.

The vine counter is a device for counting the number of vines loaded into the hop picking line.

The grabber is constructed to grasp, cut, and pull hop vines, which then fall into the hop trailer.

Heavy vacuuming bridging is a technical solution to prevent the shutdown of the heavy vacuuming equipment which removes heavy impurities for LČCH 2, LČCH 4E and LČCH 4M picking machines.

The HUN 30 hop picker is a mobile machine pulled by a tractor designed to harvest hops in hop fields with vertical trellis systems up to 3 m high.

The AKH - 187 low track feeder can replace classic cable feeder tracks for the LČCH - 2 and LČCH - 1 pickers.

The HCL 4/C cleaning line is a machine designed to sort the hop cones from the mixture of hop stems, leaves, and other impurities.

Váha je určena pro zjištění hmotnosti žoku s chmelem, přiřazení evidenčních údajů k žoku a přenesení naměřených hodnot do celostátního evidenčního systému.

Stacionární a separační zařízení AT-50 pro sklizeň chmele v podmínkách se střední a vyšší koncentrací chmelnic se sezóním výkonem 50 - 100 ha s minimální potřebou obsluhy.

This square bale press for hops is used to package cured hops.

Picking technology to harvest hops from fi elds up to 25 ha per season equipped with the latest hop picking advancements with respect to quality of the harvested product.

The 51-CH rotary humidifier is a system for humidifying air and curing hops to a desired moisture content.

A stationary picking line for harvesting hops with a seasonal capacity of up to 30 ha.

The pocket conveyor for dry hops is designed for the transport of cured hops from the curing system to the storage space on the first floor of the oast house.

The picking wall serves to pick the cones from the hop vines fed to the picking device by a track.

The air conditioning system is designed for curing of dried hops to a desired humidity in belt and chamber driers.

The secondary picker serves to pick hop stems and cone clusters. The initial phase consists of a drum fitted with blades.

The water air purifi er is part of the curing system for regulating air humidity in belt or chamber driers.

An „S“ shaped pocket conveyor with chain leads and sheet metal blades. For the LČCH 2 picking line it replaces the steep pocket conveyor between the inclined belt cleaner and the ADO-129 separator.