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HUN 30 hop picker

The HUN 30 hop picker is a mobile machine pulled by a tractor designed to harvest hops in hop fields with vertical trellis systems up to 3 m high.

The trellis system remains intact during harvesting and individual hop vines are not cut. The harvested hops are collected in a wagon which travels along with the hop picker. The flexible chassis of the hop picker allows to make it possible to adjust the height and side angle of the picking system. Individual picking banks are movable and placed in the frame to easily navigate around trellises to get at the hops. After harvesting a row the picking banks are drawn back into the machine by a hydraulic system. The harvested hops are cleaned by a stationary HCL - 4/C cleaning system.

Tractor requirements:

  • 52 kW (70 HP), auxiliary shaft revolutions
  • 1,000 rev/min, switch to super-crawl speed up to
  • 0.7 km/hr at maximum engine speed.

Technical parameters:

  • Machine length: 5 000 mm
  • Machine width: 3 000 mm
  • Machine height: 3 900 mm
  • Height regulation: 300 mm
  • Maximum permissible load on the trailer drawbar per coupling: 1 200 kg
  • Maximum permissible axle load: 3 500 kg