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K 51 - CH Rotary humidifier

The 51-CH rotary humidifier is a system for humidifying air and curing hops to a desired moisture content.


It replaces previous nozzle-based air purifi er systems, and the water used for curing hops flows through a larger diameter pipe (½ “) which does not become clogged with hop leaflet.

The K 51-CH humidifi er can improve the performance of curing with minimal maintenance demands. All that is required is basic fi ltration of the intake water. Depending on the type and output of the air purifier, install one or two K 51-CH humidifiers. The water airpurifi er for the PCHB 750k belt drier is equipped with two humidifiers and is able to cure 220 - 250 kg of dry hops per hour.

The equipment includes a small water pump - model 3COA 10-27P1 - for circulating water, water lines, and electrical switchboard.


Technical parameters:

  • Capacity for PCHB 750k belt drier: 220 - 250 kg of dry hops per hour
  • Range of initial hop moisture content: 8 - 12 %
  • Humidifi er electromotor: Typ SIEMENS 1 LA 7073 - 2AA11, Pn = 0,55 kW Un = 400V 50Hz D/Y
  • Pump electromotor: Typ 3COA 10 - 27 P1, Pn = 360W Un = 400V 50Hz