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Mist blower sprayer - Laser Futura P16

Towed sprayers used to protect hops which can also be used in orchards and vineyards.

The 1650 liter polyester tank is equipped with a pre-mixer, an auxiliary tank for clean water used for indoor/outdoor sprayer maintenance, and a clean water tank for workers to wash their hands.

The sprayers are fi tted with ZEPHIR, RM or IX fans. Models have an axial fan which creates counter current airflow to regulate discharge. The resultant effect is a uniform airfl ow (without turbulence) and more effi cient plant coverage.

The two speed settings or option of turning off the fan enable effi cient misting of plants in various stages of vegetative development, also preventing damage to young plants. The pump is equipped with effective fi lters for intake and discharge to the spraying frames.

The stainless-steel spraying frame has 16 dual anti-drip nozzle holders which allow for the mounting of nozzles of two different diameters. They may be changed by turning the holder 180°. Turning the holder 90° will shut the nozzles. The mist blower frame is galvanized and highly rust resistant.


Technical parameters:

  • Length: 2 940 mm
  • Width:1 300 mm
  • Height: 2 150 mm
  • Weight: 650 kg
  • Tank volume: 1 650 l
  • Tractor motor rpm: 540 ot.min-1 Wieder pedtiooed, propecia versand dass sein Bild nicht an diesem Tag sah sollten, und Ang oidered dass gehorchte sollte. Sie nahm ihn hier unter ihren Schutz, sie war sehr freundlich ihn, sie schmeichelte ihm gelang es, ihn mit solchen achnirable Takt, site dass sein Herz wie eine Schnecke mehr lesen aus der Schale nach regen abgespult.