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Water air purifier

The water air purifi er is part of the curing system for regulating air humidity in belt or chamber driers.


The purifier is made of steel and includes a water tank with overfl ow valve, a nozzle spray system or K51-CH rotary humidifier, a droplet separator and watertight doors. The purifier is mounted on a welded steel stand and also includes a storage tank with a float device to automatically maintain water levels, a filter to remove impurities, and a pump.

When installed for the PCHB 750k belt drier this purifier is capable of curing 220 - 250 kg of dry hops per hour. An air purifi er based upon new rotary humidifier technology is being readied for production.


Technical parameters:

  • Capacity for the PCHB 750k belt drier: 220 - 250 kg of dry hops per hour
  • Consumption of clean, hygienic water: 40 - 90 kg.h-1 / -1
  • Length: 1 803 mm
  • Width: 1 500 mm
  • Height: 2 295 mm
  • Power consumption - old technology: 3 kW
  • Power consumption - new technology: 1,46 kW