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Picking wall

The picking wall serves to pick the cones from the hop vines fed to the picking device by a track.

The picking is carried out by two picking walls facing each other. The distance and speed of the picking walls can be set depending on specifi c conditions.

This new hop picking technology replaces drum pickers and is particularly effective with higher yield hop varieties. The use of picking walls also reduces maintenance costs as wires and hop vines do not get caught in the picking equipment.

This technology may be installed in the LČCH 2 or LČCH 4 picking lines, directly in the original frame. Other advantages include more effi cient picking with minimal damage to hop cones, high quality and cleanly picked hops regardless of variety, reduced wear on the cleaning components of pickers, and reduced noise of the picking line.

Technical parameters:

  • Height of wall along shaft axis: 3 770 mm
  • Length of picking section: 1 700 mm
  • Number of walls: 2
  • Number of picking bars: 2 x 42
  • Wall speed: 140 - 160 ot.min-1
  • Adjustable distance of walls: 260 mm
  • Performance: 800 - 1 200
  • Motor output with baretter: 3 kW