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Vine counter

The vine counter is a device for counting the number of vines loaded into the hop picking line.

The device consists of a switchboard to power the sensors, mounts for the installation of the sensors, a movable sensory mechanism fi tted with end switch, and cabling for the entire assembly.

Two digital counters are installed in the switchboard cabinet. The fi rst monitors the number of vines hung on chain track blocks and the second counts the total number of blocks moving on the tracks.

This data may be used to asses:

  • the number of vines picked over a certain period of time (picking line performance),
  • the efficiency of workers hanging hop vines (hangingrate),
  • the number of plants missing from the harvested area (assuming the harvested area is previously monitored.

Technické parametry:

  • The number of vines loaded are counted by: a touch mechanism fitted with an end switch
  • Empty blocks are counted: a non-contact induction sensor
  • Output monitored: 500 - 1500 vines.h-1
  • Power supply: 24 V DC