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LČCH - 4E Secondary picker

The secondary picker serves to pick hop stems and cone clusters. The initial phase consists of a drum fitted with blades.

The blades slice up the fallen vine and a conveyor belt sends the material to the secondary picker for secondary picking.

If the layer of material is too thick, the feed conveyor will lift and hit the microswitch, which will shut of the conveyor. After the material is processed, the conveyor switches back on. This process is called cycling and prevents overloads of the picker and subsequent shutdowns.

Material is taken from the feed conveyor by 15 carrying chains to 6 secondary picking drums. Modernization of the LČCH-2 system consists of replacing the 7-chain secondary picker with the automated LČCH-4E secondary picker. The location of the 10 chain secondary picker remains unchanged. The installation of the secondary picker eliminates the need for two operators for the LČCH-2 system and results in more effi cient picking of stems and clusters, which also reduces the amount of waste.

We recommend using this secondary picker in combination with a picking wall.

Technical parameters:

  • Length: 2 260 mm
  • Height: 2 220 mm
  • Width: 1 465 mm
  • Motor with transmission: 3 kW
  • Intake width of secondary pickers: 1 370 mm
  • Number of feeding chains: 15
  • Number of picker drums: 6
  • Number of picker tines: 600