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HCL 4/C Cleaning line

The HCL 4/C cleaning line is a machine designed to sort the hop cones from the mixture of hop stems, leaves, and other impurities.

The cleaning line is a stationary machine and thus located in a hall. The hop mixture is transported to it by special carts for low-trellis hop fields. The mixture is obtained by picking low-trellis hop fields using mobile picking machines, in our case HUN - 30 mobile hop
pickers, which are pulled by tractors. The heigh of hop trellis system is usually 3 meters.

Placement in hall:

The machine is placed along one of the long sides of the hall. Mounted on the walls of the hall are the exhaust fans for the first and second vacuum cleaning. The air ducts for these cleaners and the flake separator are located on the outside wall of the hall. The waste
conveyor (leaves and stems) also runs through this wall.

The cleaning line in comprised of the following assemblies:

  • Loading conveyor
  • 1st separator
  • secondary picker
  • 2nd separator
  • product conveyor
  • waste conveyor
  • 1st air purifier
  • roller track - separator
  • small pocket
  • conveyor
  • 2nd air purifier
  • large pocket conveyor
  • inclined conveyor
  • set of waste conveyors
  • bagger

Technical parameters:

  • Length of machine approx.: 21,5 m
  • Width of machine approx.: 4,0 m (without waste conveyors and leaf separators)
  • Height of machine approx.: 3,9 m (leaf separators)

Number of operators

  • when loading from a transport wagon with transverse conveyor bottom - 1 worker for the entire cleaning line
  • for manual loading - 2 more workers