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PT 30 Picking line

A stationary picking line for harvesting hops with a seasonal capacity of up to 30 ha.

Vines collected using a mechanical grabber and special self-emptying trailers are loaded into the picker manually using two separate feed track intakes. The actual picking of hop vines and separation of impurities is fully automated. The hop cones are separated from the vine stalk by two picking walls along their entire length with subsequent secondary picking of long ends. The system has a high daily capacity, yielding a clean and high quality product.

Technical parameters:

  • Machine capacity: 800 - 1400
  • Seasonal capacity: 30 - 35 ha
  • Operators: 1 - 2 machinists, 3 - 6 hangers
  • Purity of picked product: 98 - 98,5 %
  • Impurity content: 1,5 - 2 %
  • Hops loss: 5 - 8 %
  • Adjustment of vine loading speed: continuous during operation
  • Adjustment of picking wall speed: continuous during operation
  • Machine height: 8 700 mm
  • Machine width: 12 000 mm
  • Machine length: 25 000 mm
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